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2023 MBT Binaural Beats - 20th Anniversary

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Introducing the brand-new MBT 2023 Binaural Beats, specially created by Tom to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publishing of "My Big TOE" in 2003!

These 15 new audio files provide a powerful boost to your meditation practice.

Whether you are new to meditation or an "old hand", these beats will support your exploration of consciousness.

As any good explorer knows: as you change over time, your tools must change.

These beats are distinct from Tom's past binaural beat offerings.

Combined with the 2019 Binaural Beat set, they complete the practical spectrum of frequencies for meditation use.

The result is more possibilities to find the "just-right" file for every season of your developing consciousness.


Upon purchase, you will be immediately taken to a download page to download the files! You will also receive an email with the download link in case you need it later.

More information about these beats:

Binaural Beats 2023 20th Anniversary Edition! 

What are they: A binaural beat is generated by an audio file feeding an audio player that uses a stereo headset to put a pure tone (sinewave) of a particular frequency in one ear and another pure tone of slightly different frequency in the other ear. These tones meet and generate a beat frequency at the corpus callosum (a membrane between the hemispheres of your brain) that has a frequency equal to the difference between the two original pure tones. It has been scientifically determined that this beat frequency within the corpus callosum will tend to entrain your brain wave activity to the beat frequency.

The first group of Thomas Campbell’s binaural beats, offered in 2017, evolved during a series of immersive events called Exploring the Larger Consciousness System with Thomas Campbell. Thirteen unique binaural beats were needed because that is how many sessions were designed into the schedule. These beats were sold as a set at Their effectiveness was widely acclaimed.

What do they do: These binaural beats drive an individual’s brainwave output to be similar to that of a lifelong meditator. It nudges the listener’s awareness into an altered state of consciousness that is optimally productive to meditation and exploring the larger consciousness system along with all its paranormal modalities. It then maintains that altered state for almost an hour before bringing you back to your normal state of mind. (See reminder at end)

How are they made: The acoustic space for binaural beats carrier frequency is limited, by practicality, to be between 32 Hz and 500 Hz. Less than 32 pushes the edge of both common technology and older ears, while pure tones above 500 Hz can become annoying and abrasive for many to listen to for more than a few minutes. 

Campbell broke this segment (32Hz to 512Hz) of acoustic space into five frequencies that follow the power of two: 32, 64, 128, 512. Why did he use powers of 2? because it covers the viable acoustic range nicely without redundancy, and his intuition liked the fundamental simplicity and connectedness of binary, computers, and consciousness. Within a single binaural beat file, he may use one, or any combination of, base frequencies. However, he has found that keeping to either an ascending or a descending order reduces mental chaos and optimizes results. The possibilities are now reduced to these:

14 binaural beat sound files progressing from higher to lower frequencies 

512 / 512-256 / 512-256-128 / 512-256-128-64 / 512-256-128-64-32 / 256 / 256-128 / 256-128-64 / 256-128-64-32 / 128 / 128-64 / 128-64-32 / 64 / 64-32 /  

All of these except the last one (because we only needed 13) was used in the first set of binaural beats released in 2017

14 binaural beat sound files progressing from lower to higher frequencies 

32 / 32-64 / 32-64-128 / 32-64-128-256 / 32-64-128-256-512 / 64 / 64-128 / 64-128-256 / 64-128-256-512 / 128 / 128-256 / 128-256-512 / 256 / 256-512 

All of these, plus the one not included in the first set, make up the 15 binaural beats released in 2023 in honor of MBTs 20th anniversary.

With the range and pattern of base frequencies fixed, designing the optimal pattern of binaural beat frequencies was next. Over the 30 years that Campbell has been experimenting with binaural beats, his research has converged to a particular pattern of continually changing binaural beats that has proved to be both universal and powerful. All 28 of the binaural beats have the same optimized binaural beat pattern. While the binaural beat pattern is driving brainwaves into a general theta region, it varies its beat frequency (including both low alpha and delta) for short strategically placed slices of time throughout the file. The overall effect works exceptionally well for the great majority of individuals. There are a very few, maybe as many as one in a thousand, who do not work well with binaural beats. 

Most Importantly, Remember:  

1 Never drive while using a binaural beat.

2 After listening to a binaural beat always make sure you are fully awake, fully back to normal awareness before doing anything requiring clear thinking and/or quick reaction times.

3 Binaural beats are meditation training wheels. Eventually you should be able to take the training wheels off and ride (meditate) without them. Initially they will help you maintain a solid and effective meditation state, but, as you progress, they may become somewhat restrictive. Every so often, practice without them until you don’t need them anymore.

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