Expand Your Consciousness - November 2013  (6 discs)
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Filmed in November 2013, Tom's Expand your Consciousness Workshop presented in Mexico City was hosted by Dr Diana Morales.

Thomas Campbell is the author of the trilogy, My Big TOE (My Big Theory of Everything). In this work, Tom presents his Theory on the properties, boundaries, and abilities of Consciousness, which derive from thirty years of his personal and scientific exploration.

With words and concepts that everyone can easily comprehend, Tom gives us a new understanding of Consciousness that we can integrate into our personal and professional lives.

Tom explores and discusses:
How we can evolve the quality of our Consciousness.
How fear and ego keep us from becoming love.
How beliefs limit our understanding of the larger reality.
How we can improve the quality of our daily existence, interact more productively with others, co-create our own reality, and much more.

Contains 6 discs

NTSC only!

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Expand Your Consciousness - November 2013 (6 discs)

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