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These are the binaural beats that Tom Campbell created for his "Explore the larger Reality" intensive program at The Monroe Institute in September 2017.

The 2017 binaural beats are all new, improved and more effective than the binaural beats Tom created for his residency programs at The Monroe Institute back in 2015.

Tom told us "none of the 2017 binaural beats are the same as the 2015 ones.  I use some of the same base frequencies, but the binaural beats are all structured differently. It is the binaural beat that delivers a sound that aids creating and sustaining a theta state. The base frequency is pretty much not relevant other than for personal preference and a little attitude adjustment.”

If you are not sure whether these beats are for you, buy one or two to give them a go and find out for yourself. We offer the beats in both mp3 and the higher quality WAV format. Tom talked about using binaural beats at his February 2016 Atlanta workshop and the video of that is posted on his YouTube channel

If you enjoy them, We do also offer complete sets of both the 2015 and 2017 binaural beats that you can purchase here.


Tom has created a short introduction to the 2017 MBT binaural beats that you can listen to here.

One word of warning, the WAV files are much larger than the mp3 files (almost five times larger) and will take much longer to download. We recommend that, if you have limited storage space, limited download speeds or limited data, that you download only the mp3 files. If you only have Windows Media Player and are having problems playing the mp3 files, we recommend you download the VLC media player from VideoLAN

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